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(Coffee) Shop Talk

Welcome to the shop where I talk about things that go well with coffee, which is almost everything.

My senior symposium is tomorrow.

Either that or I’m getting married. Or maybe having a baby; at this point I can’t remember. All these people I know will stare at me like the lightbulbs in my ceiling are staring at me now, and, just like now, it will make my head hurt. I have a 15-17 minute speech accompanied by Powerpoint and handouts, and my dad is coming. Also 1-2 ex-boyfriends, lots of friends, and everyone who’s academic opinion I care about.

I would still be kind of ok if I didn’t have the world’s longest and most awful psychology test a few hours before presentation. I’ve learned slightly less than half of the information, and I’m going to have to use my free homework card in Spanish tomorrow. Lord knows what I’ll do the days before my Spanish presentation is due.

And…oh dear…what am I going to wear?

Update: I just figured out what I’m going to wear, so…no one panic.


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