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(Coffee) Shop Talk

Welcome to the shop where I talk about things that go well with coffee, which is almost everything.

The big organization that I work for a small conglomerate-thing of had their Chanuka bash today. It took me two hours to get from Coney to LOWER Manhattan where the party was being held, but I enjoyed it once I got there.

Ok, that’s a lie. I was hoping Jodie and some other VISTAs I know would be there, but I walked into a huge room full of strange people and deep-fried chicken. Jodie was too busy to go a-partying (I kind of was too, but my supervisor was at jury duty today and told me to go ahead since she wants to actually, physically supervise the stuff that I’m working on now.) and I guess the other VISTAs were as well. The only people I knew were the two VISTAs who work at Met Council headquarters and the girl who used to be a VISTA last year and now has a salaried position at Met Co. Some big city and even state officials showed up, though, and I got to see the lighting of the full Menorah as well as hear what I suppose was the traditional Menorah-lighting song. It was all in Yiddish, though, and the only word I could make out was “mitzvah.”

I did eventually meet a new person. I forgot his name even though he told me twice, but he’s a new grant writer at Met Co. headquarters. He was interesting. We talked about how people are all going to have chips in their heads in the future, but before technology has a chance to take over the world global warming will cause most of Brooklyn to be under water, which will contribute heavily to the collapse of everything. That’s what he’s afraid of, anyway. I told him that I was more worried about getting old and decrepit, and that if all of our information were on chips in our heads then at least I wouldn’t loose my PIN number anymore. He seemed rather taken aback by that thought. It was a good conversation. Pretty much saved the evening, actually.

I think tomorrow is the last day of Chanuka. So bust out that Menorah, light ‘er up, and order latkes all around. Mazel tov.


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